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Goals for teaching literature: What does it mean to teach literature?


Understanding students’ individual differences: Who are our kids?


Planning and Organizing Literature Instruction: How Do I Decide What to Teach?


Using Drama to Foster Interpretation: How Can I Help Students Read Better?


Leading Classroom Discussions of Literature: How Do I Get Them to Talk about Literature?


Writing about literature: How do I get them to write about literature?


Using narratives in the classroom: What’s the use of story?


Teaching text and task-specific strategies: How does the shape of a text change the shape of my teaching?


Teaching the Classics: Do I Have To Teach the Canon, And If So, How Do I Do It?


Multiple Perspectives to Engage Students with Literature: What are Different Ways of Seeing?


Teaching Media Literacy: What else is a text and how do I teach it?


Assessing and Evaluating Students’ Learning: How do I know what they’ve learned?


Text Selection, Censorship, Creating an Ethical Classroom Environment. and Teacher Professionalism: How do I Stay in Control, Out of Trouble, and Continue to Develop as A Teacher?




Eddie Oroyan’s (mostly) Non-Fiction Adventure Unit
Texts used:
   Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild
   The Endurance: The Shackleton Documentary:
   Arctic Transect 2004
   Worst-Case Scenario Survival Guide
   Hemingway’s “Big, Two-Hearted River, Parts I & II”

Passages for rhetorical analysis


Bruce Dobler's Creative Nonfiction Compendium Definition and list of anthologies.

Breaking into Creative Nonfiction A professional writer offers a definition and strategies.

Caption, Scenario, Word: Classroom Approaches to Creative Nonfiction Three approaches to creative nonfiction, including prompts and discussion.

What is Creative Nonfiction Definition and guidelines.

Seabiscuit An introduction to the book, movie, and historical themes within the text.


Lessons for 10-12 graders on reading for bias in newspapers and other nonfiction texts.

Lesson Plan Unit: Journalistic Writing

Lesson Plan Unit: the Print Media

'Retale' Value: Exploring Plot Similarities in Fiction and Nonfiction Stories Students explore 7 basic plot lines. They compare them with newspaper articles and with fiction they are familiar with.

Nonfiction Book Report: Adding Interest and Relevance through Choice

Nonfiction Oral Book Report

Nonfiction Literature Circles

Nonfiction Book: Evaluation Form

Nonfiction Book Review

Timelines and Texts: Motivating Students to Read Nonfiction

Finding the Science Behind Science Fiction through Paired Readings

Using THIEVES to Preview Nonfiction Texts

Inventing and Presenting Unit 1: Analyzing Nonfiction and Inventing Solutions

Scholastic: Teaching with Nonfiction

Book TV
This Web site complements Book TV, a C-SPAN2 network program that explores nonfiction books, including biographies and history titles.

Pittsburgh Teachers Institute’s Curriculum Units Online: Understanding Nonfiction Genres

The Big, Bad Wolf . . . Is This a Fact?

Putting the Truth in Writing: Exploring the Genre of Nonfiction Writing in the Language Arts Classroom

Lesson: Introducing the Essay: Twain, Douglass, and American Non-Fiction

The Power of the Real World: Nonfiction

Frederick Douglass: The Reality of Slavery

Exploring Language and Identity: Amy Tan's "Mother Tongue" and Beyond

Mark Twain: Two Ways of Seeing a River

The English Teacher: Teaching the Analysis of Non-Fiction

Essays/Nonfiction Texts

Non-Fiction (High School) List of non-fiction texts that are appropriate for high school students.

High School Non-Fiction Teen Zone’s list of non-fiction texts selected by and for high school students.

Best Nonfiction Books NCTE list of recommended nonfiction books for students and teachers.

George Mason University's Nonfiction Universe

Reality Bytes: Non-fiction about teens, for teens

Books R4 Teens: Nonfiction


The Atlantic

The New Yorker

The Nation

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